IMC Club opens additional chapters across the nation

IMC Club International will open additional chapters across the nation in the next few weeks. Pilots will gather at CP Aviation in Santa Paula, Calif., on Aug. 25; RedBird Skyport in San Marcos, Texas, on Sept. 13; and MotionAir Aviation on Sept. 14 in Midlothian, Texas, for inaugural meetings. Also, new chapters are planned for North Carolina, Nevada, Michigan, Alabama, and Nebraska.

Once those chapters are up and running, the club will have more than 36 chapters across the nation.

The IMC Club is an organization dedicated to promoting safety and proficiency among its instrument-rated members. The IMC Club encourages creation of local communities of pilots who meet to discuss topics and share information specific to instrument flying. Members call it “organized hangar flying” which promotes sharing of experience and encourages more and safer instrument aviation.

One of the primary goals of the IMC Club is to increase pilot confidence and proficiency by training in actual instrument conditions and then discuss their experiences in the environment of a chapter meeting.

The club was established as a learning resource for instrument-rated pilots and for students pursuing their instrument ratings. To accomplish this, monthly meetings are held at local chapters around the country to help pilots and students build and maintain their IFR skills, and to share stories and tips from their fellow pilots.

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