Sporty’s electronic E6B gets a makeover

Sporty’s has given its electronic E6B flight computer a facelift, with a new rugged case and enhanced features, inlcuding a larger keypad and its own built-in storage case. Rubber feet have been added to keep the E6B from slipping during use, while a new backlit screen makes it useful for night operations.

“In this world of iPhones and iPads, don’t count out the E6B just yet,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “You can’t use your smart devices during an FAA Written Test, for example, but you can and should use Sporty’s Electronic E6B.”

With 24 aviation functions and 20 aviation conversions, Sporty’s E6B uses three AAA batteries and also hosts a deluxe timer with local, home and Zulu time zones and a countdown timer for approaches.

Sporty’s E6B [#7095A] is priced at $59.95.

For more information: 800-SPORTYS or

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