Charlotte FBO posts record week during Democratic convention

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Wilson Air Center–Charlotte (CLT) reports it posted a record week of aircraft operations during the Democratic National Convention earlier this month.

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Aircraft began rolling into Wilson Air Center the Friday before the convention, Aug. 31, with chartered aircraft for all the major news networks and government entities arriving.  During the course of the week, 11 separate airline charters were handled, consisting of over 1,000 passengers.  Major commitments for security, equipment and support services necessitated Wilson Air to ground-handle 48 military operations.

In addition, business jet passengers, including attendees, delegates, governmental officials, guests and supporters, arrived in force throughout the week. By the end of the convention, Wilson Air Center handled over 640 aircraft arrivals and departures without incident or delay, officials said.

The TSA worked closely with the flight crews and Wilson Air Center employees to minimize delays, FBO officials said.  This collaboration was deemed quite successful, as over 64 aircraft and 380 passengers elected to utilize the “gateway” inbound and outbound services offered by the TSA.

Wilson Air Center has locations in Memphis, Charlotte, Houston, and Chattanooga, Tenn. For more information:

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