High altitude oxygen mask gets FAA approval

aerox has recieved FAA TSO C78A and TSO C89A approval for production of the 4110-725 series high altitude masks.

The aerox Quick Comfort series diluter demand mask comes standard with an electret microphone and an inflatable Quick Comfort head harness. The mask features a carbon fiber construction and soft silicon rubber for a comfortable fit, company officials said, adding connectors are available for most built-in systems.

aerox is also able to manufacture a portable walk around system with the same outlet plug that is on your aircraft, so you can disconnect from the on-board system and plug directly into a portable system allowing mobility.

This 4110-725 series mask is intended to be used by pilots and passengers in the general aviation industry to an altitude of 40,000 feet MSL.

For more information: aerox.com or 800-237-6902

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