Sporty’s says have a bit of fun in the cockpit

New from Sporty’s are humorous placards that will amuse your passengers. Designed to look just like their real counterparts, these signs will keep nervous flyers relaxed.

Placards include a Panic Button; one that reads No Smoking: If you must smoke, please step outside; and one that reads Intentional Straight and Level Flight Prohibited. Another placard provides a checklist for your co-pilot, labeled as such, and listing 1. Don’t touch anything and 2. Keep your mouth shut. Each placard is engraved and includes an adhesive back.

“Although flying is serious business, we all like to have a bit of fun as well,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “These placards are a way to lighten the mood for your passengers.”

Panic Button [1909A], No Smoking [7965A], Straight and Level [7990A] and Co-Pilot Checklist [4756A] are each available for $2.95 or $9.95 for all four. All Sporty’s products may be ordered at or by calling 800-SPORTYS. Orders placed by Dec. 21, may be delivered in time for Christmas.

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