Compatible use

Recently my wife, kids, Mom and I all flew to Des Moines, Iowa, for the wedding of one of my cousins. While in Des Moines, we drove east to Newton to see where my Mom grew up. On our way in, I drove past the town so we could visit the Newton Municipal Airport (TNU). I remember flying in with Dad and Mom years ago as a kid and wanted to see it…30 years later.

This single runway airport was put on the map by the long gone (from Newton anyway) Maytag Corp. The maker of kitchen appliances had, at one time, a manufacturing plant in Newton, and it basically made the airport happen (a dramatic oversimplification).

As we exited the interstate heading for the airport, the grandstand of the Iowa Speedway came into view. The track, located on Rusty Wallace Drive, can be walked to from the airport terminal building (also located on Rusty Wallace Drive) in less than five minutes.

The facilities at the airport are second to none. While not huge, the terminal/FBO building is clean, new and inviting. The grounds are kept up and the private hangars all appear in nice order.

Best yet, neither neighbor has any grounds for complaining about noise from the other. This co-location of airport and raceway is the epitome of compatible use. It’s nice to see a sleepy town with a vibrant airport.

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