Tanis debuts engine preheat system for LSAs

Tanis Aircraft Products has introduced an engine preheat system specifically for the Cessna 162 Skycatcher and the Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) market.

This system has been approved by Cessna as per Modification Kit MK162-25-06B, according to Tanis officials.

Engine preheat during cold weather operations, when used properly, will add to operational efficiency, utility, safety of flight and reduce the problems of engine wear associated with cold starts, Tanis officials add.

When to preheat? Reference Advisory Circular 91-13C “Cold Weather Operation of Aircraft” states that you are to consult the aircraft or engine manufacturer for your specific operational temperature ranges. For Continental Engines refer to SIL 03-1. “Preheating is required whenever the engine has been exposed to temperatures at or below 20 degrees° F (wind chill factor) for a period of two hours or more.”

Tanis Aircraft Products manufactures the only preheat system that applies heat directly to the cylinder heads, oil sump and crankcase. The Tanis preheat system is powered by ground power and is not used in flight.

Doug Evink, President and CEO of Tanis Aircraft Products, commented, “We are pleased to have another system approved by an OEM. We look forward to supporting Cessna and the LSA market by contributing to safe aircraft operations and prolonged life of aircraft engines.”

For more information: 800-443-2136; TanisAircraft.com

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