Chapter and verse

The Professional Aviation Maintenance Association has an unrecognized strength in its organization that makes it a resource for what’s going on in aircraft maintenance. That strength is our chapter network, which is, of course, made up of our members.

Besides being a member-driven organization, we have a resource from our chapters that provides for our members and for the organization. In a chapter, members network, learn from vendors, receive training from the FAA, and mentor each other. They discuss local and national issues, as well as experiences each other have had. They combine efforts to support the local community with scholarships, career days, as FAAST members and other events. This in addition to their usual monthly meetings.

At these meetings members discuss current issues, which are then brought to the national level through their newsletters and direct communication from the chapter leaders. At PAMA headquarters we can then take these issues and identify a trend. No other aviation maintenance organization has this ability that comes directly from the maintenance professionals.

Issues that are at the top of the list are fatigue, training of new A&Ps, shortage of A&Ps in the future, and safety culture in large organizations. We will be talking about these in the future here at General Aviation News.

Dale Forton is president of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association (PAMA). Find out more about PAMA at

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