CenTex Aerospace receives STC for King Air 200 gross weight increase

WACO, Texas — CenTex Aerospace has received approval for its Halo 250 STC conversion for King Air 200s, which raises the maximum takeoff weight from 12,500 to 13,420 pounds, resulting in a 920 pound increase in payload capacity.

The STC also moves the King Air 200 into commuter category, allowing transport of passengers and cargo without the limitations that accompany restricted category, company officials note.

Included in the Halo 250 conversion are six new safety systems that provide improved stall warning in icing conditions, aural over-speed warning, elevator out-of-trim warning, engine fire extinguisher capability, emergency cabin lighting, and illuminated escape path floor markings, company officials explain. New Airplane Flight Manual performance data is available for planning the takeoff flight path to 1,500 feet AGL and the landing approach flight path in normal and icing conditions. These systems and data help improve the level of operational safety for Halo 250 converted airplanes.

The Halo 250 conversion is compatible with Proline 21 and G1000 avionics and many of the popular King Air 200 modifications, including those offered by Raisbeck Engineering, BLR, Blackhawk, and others, company officials note.

A BE-200 type rating is required to operate converted airplanes in commuter category. Simulator based flight training is available at FlyRight Incorporated. Aircraft based flight training is also available.

Orders are currently being taken and conversions scheduled for completion at the CenTex Aerospace facility in Waco, Texas.

For more information: Centex.Aero

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