MGL Avionics integrates Sandia Mode-C Transponder

TORRANCE, Calif. — MGL Avionics has integrated the Sandia Aerospace STX 165R Remote Mode-C transponder with the its EFIS systems for Experimental and Light-Sport Aircraft, including the MGL Avionics XTreme EFIS; MGL Avionics Odyssey EFIS; MGL Avionics Voyager EFIS; and MGL Avionics iEFIS Touchscreen EFIS.

The STX 165R is a low-weight, low-cost, 200 Watt remote mount Mode-C transponder, MGL Avionics officials note. Through just 2 data wires, the MGL Avionics EFIS is able to display transponder status, send encoded altitude to the STX 165R, control its mode (OFF/STBY/ON/ALT), adjust Squawk code and Ident.

“MGL Avionics believes in this elegant and affordable way of meeting the FAA transponder requirements in the US, where only Mode-C is required for recreational Part 91 flight,” company officials said in a prepared statement. “And, the ability to mount the transponder closer to its antenna and further away from other avionics in the aircraft is also an advantage for homebuilders trying to lay out a clean and interference-free panel.”

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