Quicksilver earns multiple kit approvals from FAA

TEMECULA, Calif. — When Quicksilver Manufacturing became Quicksilver Aeronautics earlier this year, the ownership change triggered a requirement to prove the company’s kits meet the provisions of Experimental Amateur Built category. Quicksilver officials report that several kits received a letter of authorization from FAA.

In a recent letter, FAA wrote, “The National Kit Evaluation Team performed evaluations on five Quicksilver amateur-built kits at your facility on Sept. 11 and 12, 2012.” FAA’s team evaluated the MX Sport, MX II Sport, MX Sprint, MX II Sprint, and the Sport 2S; two of these models are single seaters and three are side-by-side two seat aircraft. Between them these models have delivered nearly 15,000 kits. FAA has added these models to its Revised Listing of Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits on the agency’s website

“The team has determined that all five kits may allow an amateur builder to meet the major portion requirement,” continued FAA officials, referring to Part 21.191(g) of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Sport 2S

“After their thorough examination, we are very pleased to gain approval for our MX series kit-built aircraft from FAA,” said Will Escutia, president of Quicksilver Aeronautics. “FAA’s visit proved the company under new leadership is maintaining the high standards for which Quicksilver has been known since the early 1970s.”

“FAA went through a multiple page checklist with our engineers to determine that the builder will execute at least 51% of the building task,” stated operations chief Daniel Perez. “Since we reviewed the company very carefully upon taking over the management, we were sure we met the standards, but rules dictate that we go through the KET process.”


Quicksilver also makes another series called the GT — comprised of the GT 400 single seater and GT 500 tandem two seater. Both GT series models have already been approved and, with the MX series, all appear on the FAA’s approved kit list. “Quicksilver now has seven models approved as Experimental Amateur-Built kits available for customers,” observed Todd Ellefson, sales director for Quicksilver Aeronautics.

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