King Schools set to release international flying course

John and Martha King report that King Schools is preparing to release its 24th course targeting the needs of turbine-powered, professional and owner-flown operators flying internationally.

The King pro-series of courses includes everything from initial transition to jets and high-altitude flying, to certificate courses for operations such as RVSM, RNP, MNPS, P-RNAV, International Operations and Part 135 initial and recurrent pilot training.

According to the Kings, international operations can be complicated and tricky.  They are full of pitfalls and traps, and require specific additional knowledge to avoid them.

“With our new International Operations Overview course, you’ll learn practical how-to information that will prepare you for the differences,” commented John King. “You’ll know what you don’t know, so you won’t be surprised by regulatory requirements, and will know how to get fully prepared for your international flight,” added Martha King.

The new King International Operations Overview course covers the topics recommended for international and oceanic flight operations as recommended to operations inspectors in FAA Order 8900.1 and Advisor Circular 91-70A including:

  • ICAO Rules and regulations
  • ICAO measurement standards
  • Use of oceanic flight planning charts
  • Sources and content of international flight publications
  • Itinerary planning
  • Preparation of international flight plans and logs
  • PANS-OPS vs. TERPS Enroute and terminal procedures
  • Long-range navigation and communications procedures
  • Air traffic clearances
  • International meteorology
  • Emergency procedures and survival equipment

The King International Operations Overview training course will be available starting Dec. 15, 2012 for $299.

For more information:, 800-854-1001 or internationally: 858-541-2200.

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