XtremeAir receives FAA nod for aerobatic airplane

Germany-based XtremeAir has received FAA certification for its two-seat aerobatic airplane XA42.

XtremeAir GmbH is an EASA-certified company that develops and manufactures carbon fiber composite aerobatic aircraft. The company has been based at Magdeburg/Cochstedt Airport in central Germany since 2005.

The XA42 is manufactured and certified entirely with both a carbon fiber composite fuselage and structural design. The XA42 and its single-seat counterpart XA41 are certified for a load factor up to +/- 10 g’s. They are both equipped with a Lycoming AEIO-580-B1A piston engine with 315 hp, according to company officials.

ollowing receipt of the European type design certification and production approval from EASA, the FAA has now followed suit with the issue of registration certificate No. A00064CE on November 5, 2012.

The FAA’s designated certification manager, M. K. Blalock (DART/F) stated: “I have to say this is one of the best designed, well thought out aircraft I have seen and the workmanship is the best of any aircraft that I have ever certified …. Congratulations on a job well done …. I have completed certifications on many, many airshow aircraft. …. I know when I see a quality aerobatic airplane and yours passed the TEST.”

XtremeAir CEO  Harro Möwes was enthusiastic over achieving the FAA certification. “This certification in accordance with the FAA’s Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR’s) is a fundamental basis for achieving the validation of our certification in numerous other countries. With these two certifications, we have reached a major milestone in establishment of a strong position in the worldwide market.“

Around the globe, XtremeAir has sold 37 airplanes, several into the U.S., with a few others in Russia and South Africa.

The XA41 and XA42 have already achieved success at many competitive events throughout the past years, company officials note. One recent example is the 18th FAI European Aerobatic Championship, which was held in Slovakia in September, 2012. Both the XA41 and XA42 were high achievers with five rankings in the top 10, including 1st Place in freestyle aerobatics flown by Gerald Cooper in an XA41.

The next step for XtremeAir GmbH will be further promotion of the XA41 and XA42. Both aircraft types will participate in upcoming competitions. Demonstration and introduction flights are offered at the company’s home base, Magdeburg/Cochstedt Airport (EDBC). XtremeAir GmbH intends to expand its current distribution network within the next two years by adding 25 more agents and dealers worldwide, company officials add.

For more information: XtremeAir.de

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