All new Paradise City at SUN ’n FUN

After a lengthy delay while various government agencies squabbled about exact plans (gee… sound familiar?), earth is being moved on the grounds of the SUN ’n FUN  campus on Lakeland-Linder Regional Airport in Florida, to create an all-new Paradise City.

“You’d be amazed at all the activity,” related longtime Paradise City area chairman Dave Piper. “The culvert at the East end of the Paradise City runway is in place and the old ILS berm that created a hump in the middle of the space is gone.”

It’ll all get new sod before SUN ’n FUN 2013, which is slated for April 9-14.

The paved road (Doolittle) that ran along the northern border of Paradise City now dips deeply down into the area, creating a new dynamic and an easier entry to the former Ultralight Area.

I’ll have more on this as it develops but I’m excited to see renewed energy in this area that offers so much to LSA and light plane enthusiasts. The 1,400-foot runway is now much more usable with long overruns and flying is promised “all day long” even during most of the main airshow.

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