Las Vegas flight school adds seaplane

LAS VEGAS— Monarch Sky, the largest flight school and flying club in Nevada, now offers seaplane training in the Cessna 182 Amphib — the only seaplane in Las Vegas, according to company officials.

Monarch Sky offers a 2-Day Fast Track Seaplane Private and Commercial Add-On Package. As part of Monarch Sky’s Seaplane Add-on instruction, students will fly in a Cessna 182G with Aerocet Amphibian Floats. This course starts at $1,995 and includes: 5 Hours of Flight Time; 5 Hours of Flight Instruction; 5 Hours of Ground School; J.J. Frey’s “How to Fly Floats”; and a High Performance and Complex Endorsement.

Not only will students have the opportunity to fly on and around Lake Mead and Hoover Dam, they will also be piloting a Cessna 182G 300 horse power I/O 550 conversion that will allow for a High Performance and Complex endorsements, which means for the price of one seaplane add-on, students earn a rating and two endorsements, company officials note.

For more information: 702-631-0386 or

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