New flight training scholarship takes off

The National Air Transportation Foundation (NATF) now offers the Richard L. Taylor Flight Training Scholarship, the newest addition to the foundation’s scholarship program. This scholarship is offered to a college or university student continuing his or her education in the aviation industry.

The $1,500 scholarship is named after Richard L. Taylor, Professor Emeritus, who for 22 years was the director of flight operations and education at The Ohio State University. Professor Taylor is the award-winning author of 14 books on aviation, including Instrument Flying, IFR for VFR Pilots and Understanding Flying. Professor Taylor’s vision, insight and drive helped expand flight education and training at Ohio State. His distinctive leadership fostered extensive opportunities for aviation students to further their careers as professional pilots.

The scholarship applicant must be enrolled in an accredited college or university and have aspirations to become a pilot in either general or commercial aviation.

The applicant must submit, along with the completed application, a copy of his or her current private pilot’s license, an original certified high school transcript showing rank in graduating class if applying as an incoming freshman, and an essay about aviation, his or her goals and dreams and why he or she should receive this scholarship. Deadline for applications is the last Friday in March.

The National Air Transportation Foundation is dedicated to promoting general aviation careers through the many scholarships offered. The NATF annually recognizes aviation enthusiasts and encourages development in the general aviation industry. For more information:


  1. peter says

    am a kenyan and my dream is to work eith airline industry .how can i get a grant or a loan scholarship ?
    any help is greatly appreciated

  2. Catherine Kairugala says

    Thanks for the website. I would like to join you but I’m not an aviator. I’m interested in aviation and seeking for a scholarship for my daughter who is in an aviation school for flight operations.

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