Tuck Air Force survival secrets in your pocket

Designed for use in formal Air Force training, the recently published “U.S. Air Force Pocket Survival Handbook: The Portable and Essential Guide to Staying Alive” was written to help a pilot who finds himself in a hostile environment, offering a comprehensive manual of outdoor survival techniques.

It includes expert advice on:

  • First aid for illness and injurySurvival
  • Finding your way without a map
  • Building a fire
  • Finding food and water
  • Using ropes and tying knots
  • Mountain survival
  • Concealment techniques
  • Signaling for help
  • Survival at sea
  • Building shelters
  • Animal tracking
  • Predicting the weather

The book outlines specific survival threats found at sea, in the desert, in mountain terrain, and in arctic conditions, and offers techniques on surviving them.

Price: $12.95

For more information: SkyHorsePublishing.com

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