Cub Day at Sebring LSA Expo

Thursday, Jan. 17, has been designated “Year of the Cub Day” at the Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo. All Cubs have been invited to participate, as honored guests. Pilots flying in that day will receive:

  • Arrival packet for Pilot with Keepsake Gift
  • Special Aircraft Parking on the Terminal Side—“Cub Parking Lot”
  • VIP for the Day—Invitation to Hospitality (New Exhibitors Lounge)
  • Group Picture at a Designated Time on the Front Stage
  • Participation in Parade of Cubs
  • Submit your image and “story” for a post on website

Arrival information: It is recommended that all arrive as a group before 10 a.m.

Cubs will meet at Okeechobee County Airport (OBE) for breakfast. Be ready to blast off at 9 a.m. for Sebring. This will put everyone in prior to the opening ceremonies, organizers said. Those coming from the north can rally at the Winter Haven Airport restaurant. Email Larry at, if you want to participate and from which rallying point you intend to depart.

This year’s Expo runs from Jan. 17-20.

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