Fan blade coffee table, anyone?

Looking for a Boeing 727 engine fan blade coffee table? How about a bi-plane desk? If so, swing by the GenAvi Aircraft Art website and poke around. Selection is fairly limited, so far, as Mike Mike Rosentrater, GenAvi Aircraft Art’s owner, only got started about seven months ago.

Rosentrater got inspired by MotoArt and put his background as a paint shop owner and aircraft refurbisher to work creating interesting pieces of furniture made from aircraft parts.

A pilot since 1989, Mike once owned a paint shop in Burlington, Wis. He sold the shop when he was 40 and got into selling modular homes as a hobby. When the hobby became a job, he moved to Cape Coral, Fla., and built a hangar  at the Labelle airport with the intention of starting another paint shop. The paint shop idea fell by the wayside, so to have some fun and hopefully make a buck, he’s making furniture.

“As long as I can buy inventory at a reasonable price, then why not give it a try and see if I can make a buck,” he said.

In addition to the coffee table and desk, Mike’s also created a conference table with a wing from a Piper Saratoga. Two other coffee tables, made from a Piper Aerostar propeller and hub, retail for $5,900 (46″ diameter) or $6,900 (70″ diameter).

In addition to his website, you can contact Mike at 941-244-8519 or follow GenAvi Aircraft Art on Facebook.


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