Companies that use GA doing better in economic recovery

Businesses that rely on aviation not only did better during the Great Recession; they are already doing better in the recovery when compared to their ground-bound competitors, according to a new study. A post on the website of the National Business Aviation Association notes that companies that utilized business aviation “mitigated revenue losses and recovered more quickly than non-users. Further, companies using business aviation were quicker to hire back employees and have significantly grown their overall workforce since 2007, relative to non-users.”


  1. Phil Hodgson says

    You may be confusing correlation with causation. How do you know that it isn’t just the better managed, more profitable companies that happen to use GA? You could turn the whole thing on its head – businesses that are doing better in economic recovery are more likely to make use of GA. Your headline implies a causal link, but you haven’t demonstrated it.

    • Douglas Brown says

      Mr. Hodgson speaks for me. By the logic used in this piece, it could be argued that companies that pay huge stock dividends and executive bonuses do better than those that don’t. A business that is doing well can afford such luxuries. If they adopt too many of them, they may stop doing so well.

  2. Cliff says

    I live on a small public airport in Florida. I have not noticed any increase in GA flying here. Things are still very slow. The incentives not to fly GA, like the high cost of training, high fuel cost, threat of loosing ones 3rd class medical, lack of young pilots and the increasing Govt. regulations have all contributed. There are more and more reasons not
    to fly for enjoyment.

  3. Haiko says

    Enjoyed your article regarding “Companies that use GA doing better in economic recovery”, however, with avgas at $6/gallon I have a hard time justifying using my C182 for business travel. I can fly for half the avgas cost from Denver to Las Vegas on Southwest or Spirit.

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