Flight Line Tool Cabinet debuts

Snap-On Industrial has introduced Flight Line Roll Cabinets specifically designed to handle the rigors of a flight line.

The Flight Line Roll Cabinets are available in five-drawer or six-drawer configurations, and with both 8” and 10” deep bottom drawer. Its kingpinless wheel design eliminates foreign object damage (FOD) concerns, according to company officials. Solid rubber wheel absorbs shock, and the cabinets can easily be rolled long distances and over hangar tracks, officials add.

For added durability, a stainless steel cap wraps around all four sides of the box, making it a work space for technicians. Additionally, the stainless steel cap protects the box’s four sides by keeping the elements such as rain, snow and dirt from entering.

The cabinets come in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, olive drab, black, gray, and desert tan.

For more information: 877-740-1900 or SnapOn.com/industrial

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