Turbo power for the Kitfox LSA debuts

Kitfox Aircraft now offers the turbocharged Rotax 914 engine as an option on both its ready-to-fly Light-Sport Aircraft and its Experimental/Amateur-Built kits.

The new engine is expected to dramatically increase the performance of the Super Sport 7, according to company officials.

KitfoxCloseUphorizontal“The Kitfox is a good performer on 100 horsepower,” said President John McBean. “But with turbocharged 115 horsepower, it is  a beast. We use our factory airplanes in the Idaho backwoods quite often, where summertime temperatures can make for very high density altitudes. The Rotax 914 is capable of maintaining takeoff power (115 hp) up to 8,000 feet, and continuous power (100 hp) to 16,000 feet. As a result, the 914-powered Kitfox will take off shorter, climb stronger and cruise faster than the 912 machine at these altitudes.”

The first ship to carry the Rotax 914 is for flight instruction in the Boise area. “The benefit in flight training is that the turbo ‘extends the day’ for students and instructors alike,” said McBean. “The less time needed to climb to altitude or reach a remote field, the more time can be spent teaching and practicing landings. I think the 914 will be more than worth the cost just through time savings.”

The non-turbo Kitfox takes off in 320 feet and lands in 330 feet, and cruises at 122 mph. Performance testing of the turbocharged 914 version is under way and is already substantially better than with the 912, McBean noted.

Ready-to-fly Kitfox LSAs start at $95,995 equipped. Prices for the 914 installation package have not been set.

For more information: KitfoxAircraft.com

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