Kitfox to offer Rotax 912 iS

Kitfox Aircraft will begin offering the new fuel-injected Rotax 912 iS engine in both the Kitfox Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) and kit-built aircraft

The full flight-test program is ongoing, with a flight from the company’s Homedale, Idaho, headquarters to the annual Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo — commonly known as the Sebring LSA Expo — in Sebring, Fla. (2,385 miles). The Expo kicks off Thursday, Jan. 17, and runs through Sunday, Jan. 20.

“We have a long history with the Rotax 912 series of engines,” said Kitfox President John McBean. “The 912 iS is a significant upgrade with its fuel injection and other advanced features. We have developed a special firewall-forward package for the engine, which is quite different in many ways from the familiar 912ULS.”

Kitfox-KSGJ-0113she 100-horsepower 912 iS shares the basic concept with the carbureted 912 series, but adds electronic fuel injection and variable ignition timing to improve efficiency. “The 912 iS is incredibly smooth and is using less than 4 gallons per hour at cruise,” said McBean.

A major difference with the 912 iS is the requirement for a fully electronic instrument package.

Kitfox-KSGJ-0113p  “The iS uses Rotax’s CAN-BUS system for engine data,” said McBean. “The normal option is to use the Rotax-supplied engine monitor, but we have been working closely with the team at Advanced Flight Systems to allow full display of engine parameters on the AF-5000 EFIS series. This feature should save builders money and time.”

The 912 iS and the AF-5600 EFIS is installed in N12KA, a Kitfox Super Sport 7, the same airframe that has been the test-bed for the Rotec radial engine and, most recently, the Lycoming O-233 purpose-built LSA engine.

Ready-to-fly Kitfox LSAs start at $95,995 equipped. Prices for the 912 iS installation package has not been set.

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