Astronics Max-Viz-600 gets Cessna SB

Astronics Corporation’s Max-Viz-600 enhanced vision system has received a Cessna Aircraft Service Bulletin for retrofit installation in recently-delivered Cessna Skyhawk, Skylane and Stationair single-engine aircraft models.

Available exclusively from Cessna for retrofit by Cessna Authorized Service Centers, the retrofit is approved by the FAA and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Cessna single-engine airplanes covered under the Service Bulletin were factory-provisioned for the upgrade, which results in an installation time estimated at eight labor hours, according to company officials..

Astronics Max-Viz-600 real-time infrared Enhanced Vision System is also offered as a factory option on new Cessna Skyhawk, Skylane and Stationair piston-powered aircraft. The system is a night vision device that provides additional situational awareness for Cessna pilots who want to visually penetrate haze, light fog, smoke and precipitation during day or night flying conditions.

“We provisioned these Cessna propeller aircraft at the factory for Astronics Max-Viz system because it will lead to increased safety, versatility and dependability,” said Jodi Noah, Senior Vice President, Cessna Single Engine/Propeller Aircraft. “From taxi and takeoff through cruise, approach and landing, the Max-Viz-600 now offers more Cessna single-engine pilots the ability to maximize situational awareness regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.”

The Max-Viz-600 utilizes long-wave uncooled infrared technology to blend the imagery from an additional visible light sensor to the thermal sensor, which is presented on the display as a single 40° wide image through the use of patented image fusion software.

The Max-Viz-600 was designed to fill the need for general aviation piston and slower single engine turboprop fixed wing aircraft. The system uses much of the same advanced technology as the advanced Max-Viz-1500, but without the optical zoom or dual field of view features. Max-Viz-600 is rated for operations below 250 knots indicated airspeed and altitude at or below flight level 250 (25,000 feet).

Generally, the Cessna Service Bulletin covers Skyhawks that were delivered in the spring of 2012 and after and Skylane and Stationair aircraft that were delivered in the fall of 2011 and after. Specific serial numbers of the aircraft covered by the recent Service Bulletin include:

  •  Skyhawk 172R 17281593 and On
  •  Skyhawk 172S 172S11127 and On
  •  Skylane 182T 18282306 and On
  •  Skylane T182T T18209048 and On
  • Stationair 206H 20608329 and On
  • Stationair T206H T20609022 and On

Max-Viz also holds enhanced vision STCs for various Cessna series including 140, 150, 142, 170, 172, 175, 177, 180, 182, 185, 190, 195, 206, 207, and 210 aircraft.

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