Freddy Cabanas dies in Cozumel crash

Aerobatic pilot Fred Cabanas died Tuesday, Jan. 15, in an aviation accident near Cozumel, Mexico, according to a report in the Miami Herald. Passenger Jorge Lopez Vives, host of an extreme sports program, also died in the crash that occurred at a private airfield on the southern island of Cozumel in the state of Quintana Roo, an international tourist destination. The pair were filming a documentary to promote an airshow when the accident occurred, according to Cozumel authorities.



  1. Patricia Dugan says

    Freddie thanks for all the entertainment and joy, even if you did intentionally make me throw up. I will never forget you told me you would never jump out of a plane. The plane was a part of Freddie he would do everything to the end to make it stay up or land. Soar, high with new wings, fins & tail, your life is an encouragement to all to ascend.

  2. Ben Coleman says

    Freddie was a true aviator. He was always a classic promoter and knew how to work a cameraman. His colorful expressions and dynamic personality will be missed. We can best remember Freddie by continuing the passion that we share. See you on the other side, buddy.

  3. Matt Jackson says

    We have lost a fine human being and a great aviator. It was an honor to know and fly with Freddie. There are none better at what he did and no one that loved aviation more then Fred. I will miss you Fred and have you in my memories for the rest of my life.

    Matt Jackson

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