Sonex debuts AeroBrake hydraulic braking system

Sonex Aircraft has introduced the AeroBrake Hydraulic Braking System.

The AeroBrake is the first hydraulic brake product specifically designed for use with Sonex Aircraft airframes, according to company officials, who note the design may also be used on a wide variety of other experimental aircraft designs.

While Sonex has had great success with the standard Azusa mechanical brake system over the years, the AeroBrake offers improved stopping power and smooth braking action in a head-to-head comparison of the installations, company officials noted.

AeroBrake_3852-300The AeroBrake employs a non-caliper design that allows convenient and easy removal of the wheel assembly for maintenance of tires, wheels and bearings, according to company officials. The AeroBrake uses a simple disk as a bolt-on addition to standard Azusa-1137 or equivalent wheels.

The AeroBrake assembly retains the same axle-to-wheel spacing as the traditional Azusa drum brake installation, and the entire installation weighs the same as a drum brake installation using AeroConversions Machined Brake Drums. Designed to use a 3/4″ axle, builders may use bushings to adapt the AeroBrake for use with smaller axles.

Full installation kits are available for Sonex/Waiex/Xenos or Onex aircraft (pictured) installation, including a master cylinder, allowing builders to retain Sonex Aircraft’s universal braking with the existing brake handle form and function, including use of the parking brake detent.

Universal (non-differential) AeroBrake_Axle-and-Wheel-300braking, combined with Sonex Aircraft direct-steering nosewheel or tailwheel, offer the most positive control of the aircraft while making Sonex Aircraft tailwheel aircraft some of the easiest tail draggers to fly, company officials said.

Builders may use their own alternative master cylinder(s) to mount the brake control to the stick, or if differential braking is desired. Installation kits also include new laser-cut wheel pant mounting plates designed specifically for AeroBrake installation.

Packages start at $350. Upgrade price for new Sonex Aircraft Complete Airframe Kit or Sub-Kit purchase is $300. AeroBrake packages will be in stock and available for shipping inFebruary.

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