Innovations: Fueling the future of aviation

Aviation can fund hundreds of diverse outreach programs, starting in the FBO, according to Rob Riggen of Flying High Coffee.

“Flying High Coffee exists to tap into a gigantic stream of cash that now flows out of our industry every year and use the profits as a stable stream of revenue for existing highly effective programs,” he said, noting the company’s goal is to share its profits with non-profit groups designed to boost general aviation.

He added the company is modeling Newman’s Own, Paul Newman’s company that donated its profits to charities.

“One of our advisers is Peter Meehan, the CEO and founder of Newman’s Own Organics,” Riggen said. “That program under Peter’s direction has given away more than $350 million.”

“To get an idea of how much money is available via this unique (but proven) business model, consider an individual who drinks two cups of coffee per day,” Riggen explained. “If that person were to switch to Flying High Coffee, we could give roughly $50 every year to an aviation program. Multiply that by 1,000, 5,000 or 20,000 people and you’re looking at more than $1 million annually.”

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