Renegade expands to Florida

Fort Pierce, Fla. – Renegade Light Sport has purchased a 70,000-square-foot hangar at Saint Lucie County Airport (FPR). “The building is the former Micco Aircraft hangar,” said Renegade President Christopher “Doc” Bailey. “It has also been completely redone since being hammered by a hurricane a few years back.”

Renegade Falcon LS

Renegade plans to bring under one roof everything from design to delivery and maintenance. Bailey, a member of the ASTM F37 committee, which is responsible for the creation of Light-Sport Aircraft consensus standards, plans to make this a “one-stop shop for everything LSA.”

In addition to the hangar, Bailey has hired Philip Wyatt to lead marketing and sales for Renegade.

Renegade manufactures the low-wing Falcon LS and is working with BOT Aircraft to distribute the high-wing Speed Cruiser in the U.S. In fact, Bailey has hung his business model on LSA. In addition to the Falcon and Speed Cruiser, Renegade is working on a Lycoming-powered amphibian LSA to “rival the ICON A5″ as well as a Carbon Pitts. Bailey described the Carbon Pitts as the difference between a stock Ford Mustang and Shelby Mustang.

For more information: 816-282-8635.

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