AERO prepares to fly high again

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany — With exhibitors from more than 30 countries as well as some new additions, including a career fair, AERO, which will be held April 24-27, will showcase the entire spectrum of general aviation from powered aircraft, gliders, and ultralights, as well as helicopters and business jets.

There also  will be special exhibitions like the Engine Area and the Avionics Avenue, which makes its premiere this year. A conference program includes the first ever AEROCareer, a job fair for careers in aviation.

B1: Blackshape, PrimeMore than 600 exhibitors from 30 countries will be at the show, which has become the leading trade show for global aviation in Europe, according to project leaders Roland Bosch.

The Engine Area, which will take place at the AERO for the second time, will look at everything related to modern propulsion in aviation: Fuel-efficient diesel and gasoline piston engines, electric motors and turbines will be available here, as will hybrid drives and classic aircraft engines.

The Avionics Avenue is celebrating its premiere: Leading avionics manufacturers will be presenting their newest innovations in electronic flight instrument systems (EFIS), collision warning systems, weather radar, and navigations and communications in Hall A6. European mandates require that new radio communications devices using the 8.33 kHz band be in use in new aircraft beginning in late 2013, and for all existing ultralights, gliders and powered aircraft by 2018.

Companies from the United States make up the largest contingent of international AERO exhibitors, and include industry leader Cessna, who will be on hand with several aircraft, as well as the avionics manufacturer Garmin. Aviation companies from Australia, Brazil, Russia and China will also be in attendance at the AERO 2013.

Single and twin-engine piston-driven aircraft are the largest category at the AERO, both in terms of exhibition space and number of machines on display. Highly anticipated is the appearance of the newest four-seater single-engine models from Pipistrel and Flight Design, which may make their maiden flights by the time of the AERO.

The ultralight aircraft category will once again have largest number of objects on display. Other ultralights, in the form of traditional and motor gliders, will also be on display in Friedrichshafen. Finally, visitors will also be able to get a look at some innovative light aircraft equipped electric engines.

Since its inception, the AERO has been a home for devotees of silent flight. All of the major glider manufacturers, including the global market leaders from Germany, will present their one and two-seaters at the AERO, ranging from entry-level gliders all the way up to exclusive competition gliders, the so-called super orchids. Motor gliders, which can be launched without a towplane or winch, continue to be popular. These machines, equipped with retractable engines, folding propellers, or in their classical variant, with internal combustion or electric motors, are becoming more and more widespread.

Halle A1: Alexander-Schleicher ASH 30MiHelicopters will again be a special focus of the AERO 2013. A clear sign of this is the fact that several current helicopter designs, new developments and accessories will be presented at the show, according to organizers. Exotic, multi-rotor volocopters will also be on display. Small and training helicopters with piston engines, as well as larger turbine helicopters will be on hand.

For the first time, research and unmanned aircraft will have a section of their own at this year’s AERO. In Hall A7, unmanned aircraft like a Diamond Airborne Sensing DA-42, equipped with sensor and measurement technology, will be presented. In addition, civil application fields for drones will be on show, as well as research projects using manned and unmanned aircraft, like the Zeppelin atmospheric research project.

Under the umbrella of the AERO Conferences, more than 100 lectures and discussions will be held on current topics in aviation. Many presentations and workshops will be offered by German and international pilots’ and aviation associations.

The AERO 2013 will begin on Wednesday, April 24, and last until Saturday, April 27. Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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