Texas pilots asked to rally for GTU

The Texas Aviation Association is asking all Texas pilots — and their aviation friends — to pack the Georgetown City Council Chambers on Feb. 12 to fight against a proposal by the general manager of the Georgetown Utility Services (also known as GUS) to abolish the Georgetown Municipal Airport Advisory Board.

In a recent vote, the Georgetown City Council voted 4-3 to abolish the airport advisory board. There will be a second reading (vote) on Tuesday, Feb. 12, at 6 p.m.

Pilot are asked to come to the meeting and sign up to speak “against the move to abolish this valuable tool for general aviation.” Nervous about speaking in public, Texas Aviation Association officials note that you  can donate your time to someone else, “but please arrive and sign up to speak about agenda P (Papa).”

For more information: TXAA.org


  1. DAVE WEBER says

    The very reason that pilots will stand up for what is right , is the very reason politicians don’t want them on advisory boards. We lost ours for Coulter (KCFD) in Bryan.
    Good Luck to saving yours.
    The city has stuggled with bad decisions about the airport, ever since the advisory board was abolished over here. They want us to be another Sugarland. yet we are only 7 miles from Easterwood . Coulters future should be for GA , but the politician’s dream is for jets.

  2. john toledo says

    I just received thjs info about Geargetown I probably didn’t see any prior articles . I soonwil be joining TXAA.org . thanks Ms. Wood

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