EAA tour entertains, informs and mends some fences

PUYALLUP, Wash. – EAA’s Grassroots Pilot Tour stopped at Spencer Aircraft at KPLU on Monday, Feb. 18. About 125 people, mostly Mount Rainier Chapter 326 members, showed up to hear from EAA HQ staffers. This tour stop delivered Jeff Skiles, vice president of chapters and youth education, Trevor Janz, manager of vhapters and Eagle Flights, and Brady Lane, multimedia journalist.

The trio from EAA did a nice job of entertaining and informing the assembled group. The gathering started with some chapter awards followed by a Q&A of “EAA Fun Facts.” For example, “What is EAA Founder Paul Poberezny’s call sign?”, “What is Audrey Poberezny’s (wife of Paul) call sign?”, “How many porto-lets are on the grounds during AirVenture?” Those who answered correct first earned a $10 gift certificate.

It would seem a focus of the tour is to mend some troubled relationships between HQ and the chapters. Janz told me before the meeting started he’s gotten an earful from many a member as he’s travelled the country. From Janz’s time at the podium he quoted Founder Paul Poberezny, “Chapters are the churches of EAA. They are its lifeblood.”

Brady Lane outlined a forthcoming “Chapter Video Magazine.” The 15-20 minute video will be shown exclusively at chapter meetings. “The videos will capture the spirit of EAA,” said Lane.

Chapter president Randy Albritton asked Lane if the video were going to be available on YouTube. “No. These are for the chapters,” Lane responded. “We’ll probably produce a short teaser for EAA Video to further entice members and guests to attend monthly meetings.”

The other tour headliners are Jack Pelton, EAA chairman of the board, and Mac McClellan, EAA director of publication. If the tour stops in your location I’d recommend making time on your calendar.

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