Happy anniversary to Bob and Jane Hoff

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho – Bob and Jane Hoff will celebrate 50 years of marriage this weekend. Their first date was marked by Bob giving Jane a ride in a 1946 Cessna 120 that Bob’s parents, Onita and Mark Hoff, bought new. The 120 is still owned by the family. If the Hoff name sounds familiar, it’s because they own and operate Aero Mark at KIDA.


  1. Mike Lyon says

    Happy Anniversary, Bob & Jane. Hope You got to have another ride in the Cessna, For you 50th. I know you got it redone. And More Beutifull than ever.

  2. Sheila DeWitt says

    Happy Anniversary, Bob and Jane! Wish we could be there to help you celebrate this wonderful occasion! We’re there in spirit nonetheless! …and I know of one spirit in particular who will be there cheering you on! Hugs and prayers for God’s continued blessings to you both!


  3. says

    I have been in aviation more than 50 years, having received my first ride in a Howard at BBW with my uncle as the PIC. He was a former Hump Pilot and that flight hooked me to fly. However, I find it difficult to accept that these LSA are the answer to GA being as active as ever? Why not change the medical rules so that pilots can self certify as do balloon pilots and glides? That would make a lot more sense than saying we can acquire an LSA for around 150k $, with the many limitations that come with LSA aircraft, day, VFR, etc. Whereas, changing the medical rules to what the remainder of GA is, not for hire or other commercial purposes, as most of us when we become Senior citizens just want to fly and enjoy what we have done for the past 50+ years-!

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