Pilot shop opens at Deer Valley Airport

Phoenix — TeeBird Air recently hosted the grand opening for its new pilot shop at Deer Valley Airport (DVT).

James Modeste is the president and CEO of TeeBird Air, as well as an instructor pilot for Airline Training Center Arizona. A Lufthansa Company. To expand the services of his small, minority-owned business, he responded to a Request for Proposal (RFP) from the City of Phoenix Department of Aviation for a retail concession at DVT. Phoenix City Council approved his proposal last month.

Modeste said he is excited about this opportunity to meet the pent-up demand for merchandise by aircraft owners and pilots at his retail store.

“TeeBird Air brings pilot supplies and accessories, navigation and communication equipment along with excellence in customer service to a great location at Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, one of the world’s busiest in general aviation,” he said.

Customers can also order online


  1. Fritz Katz says

    Aren’t there already excellent, better-stocked, more experienced AND LOWER PRICED pilot supply outlets at the ENTRANCE to Deer Valley airport? Isn’t this a rapacious local government seeking to compete with them for more “Authority” revenue?

    And aren’t the following still contained in City of Phoenix and USDOT contracting requirements? It is 2013, this is not Mississippi, and we have a black president for chrissake. Eliminate this crap and readvertise/reaward this RFP without it. This gentleman may very well prevail on his considerable merits without it but it will be an American and democratic process, not PC.
    Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) means a small business concern that has
    successfully completed the DBE certification process and has been granted DBE status
    by the City’s Equal Opportunity Department (EOD) or another AZUCP member pursuant
    to the criteria contained in 49 CFR Part 26.
    Economically Disadvantaged Individuals means those individuals who have a personal
    net worth of less than $1,320,000, not including the value of their equity interest in their
    personal residence or the value of their ownership interest in the firm seeking
    certification as a DBE.
    Socially Disadvantaged Individuals means those individuals who are citizens of the
    United States (or lawfully admitted permanent residents) and are women, Black
    Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, or Asian-
    Indian Americans.

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