International Air Meet takes off at DUA

High Velocity Events will present the first International Air Meet–Championship Cross Country Air Races to be held June 6-9 at Durant, Oklahoma.

Pilots will head for America’s heartland where the state of Oklahoma, the Choctaw Nation and Durant Municipal Airport-Eaker Field, Durant, Oklahoma will welcome pilots to their own “Big Show.”

AirRaceMore than a century has passed since the first International Air Meet in the United States took place at Los Angeles in 1910, organizers  note. Any pilot with a fixed wing propeller driven aircraft may compete. The planes line up in classed competition and are timed on a cross-country course. There is a class for everyone from homebuilders to the family Bonanza and the mighty P51 Mustang to the company King Air.

The Sport Air Racing League sanctions the Air Meet, organizers note.

Durant Municipal Airport-Eaker Field (DUA) will be “race central.” All flying competitions start and finish there. Adjacent to the airport is the Choctaw Resort Casino. Pilots will be able to bed down here and, when not racing, enjoy the amenities of the resort casino.

Engine start will be signaled for the first event on June 7 at 10 am. The 100-nm Sport League sanctioned Championship Point event will fly a round robin multi-turn course over the Red River Valley of Oklahoma and Texas. Aircraft will be launched in speed order. The flying is VFR and there is a “short course” for aircraft with limited range and/or a top speed of less than 100 mph.

When the green flag is raised on June 8, the race window will be open for the 600-nm Championship Cup event. The three-leg course must be VFR and pilots will launch at their discretion to return before the race deadline that evening.

The two course turns are designated no penalty stops for fuel or to accommodate race strategy. Pilots will be competing in expanded classes and there will be no League points awarded for this event.

The League classes will be used as well as Challenge Classes and the ultimate prize, the Championship Cup Competition. The League classes are based on engine power and landing gear configuration and are divided into three categories: Experimental, Factory and Heavy Metal. The Challenge Class is for the same make and model of aircraft. The Championship Cups will be awarded in major categories and will recognize the very fastest ships and establish the records to be pursued in the future.

“If you are a seasoned racer, this is your showcase,” organizers say. “If you want to be a racer, this is the place to start.”

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Above: The “Smoking V” is off and running. Racer Jim Huff, of Denton, Texas flew this N33 Bonanza to a Silver Championship in 2012. (Photo courtesy Jo Hunter)

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