Is the control tower at your airport up for closure?

Go to and click on Affected Towers and Communities to download a PDF that lists all the airports slated for closure. The website also has information on how to contact your elected representatives and tips on what to say to get the message across that closing the towers is a bad idea.


  1. Dave says

    While I have no doubt some of the towers on the closure list are valuable and necessary, the tower closest to me, KRYN, that is slated for closure is, in my opinion, unnecessary. It is a contract tower staffed mostly by rude, arrogant controllers. As best I can tell, after the closure of a large flight school several years ago the traffic does not come close to justifying it’s continued operation.

    Notwithstanding the slippery slope concerns of any reduction in aviation services, in this economy we need to concentrate our limited resources where they best serve the aviation community and not try to save facilities just for the sake of saving all the facilities.

  2. Scott Garland says

    I’m not surprised that control towers must be closed. This is just the start. There will be more because there are more cuts coming. What is confusing to me is the response of the Republicans that fly. It seems to me hypocritical to want to balance the budget, cut spending, just not the aviation related items that I use. Why aren’t you embracing the retracted services? Isn’t this the obvious result of reduced spending? Why aren’t you talking about how it will paid for by you the user. Yes user fees for the people that use aviation services. If you want these services. Privatize the whole traffic control system for a lower cost of operation. Offer low wages, no benefits, no upgrades,great schedules and you’ll attract very capable people that will do your bidding. You asked for it!

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