Cultivating kids

Our next print issue is all about growing the next generation of aviators — Cultivating Kids. We’ve got a lot of great stories in the works, but we wanted to go to the experts — our readers — to get their thoughts on what can be done to inspire youngsters to get involved in aviation. Tell us  your thoughts on what can be done, what’s happening at your airport or what you’d like to see happening. If you’ve got photos, send those along as well.


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    I have been part of this program since is was 12, and this is the best program for the younger generation to become part of. Primary focus is around aviation & aerospace education, and leadership. I currently have cadets that are receiving their private pilots license for next to nothing cost wise. Florida has a program that allows our cadets to take part in the ground schooling for FREE, just pay for the books. Once they get their solo completed, the rest of the cost is for fuel ONLY, no instructor fees.

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    We have been doing aviation education program s for kids for the last 15 years. Our aviation camps are for ages 10 thru high school. Our airport tours include pre-schoolers as well as the normal age groups through college. We won a Garrett A. Morgan Transportation and Technology Education Program Grant 2 years ago and ran over 20 out reach programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through the lens of general aviation. We currently have an Aviation Eduation Science Club as an outreach of that grant and much more – see our website for photos, stories, etc. This is the way to create new pilots and keep GA alive – it take work in the trenchs.

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