More good shale oil news

Despite the recent rise in prices for aviation fuel and what we consumers pay at the gas station, news contained in this recent RIGZONE article paints a sunny picture for increased U.S. reserves and ultimately lower prices.

When we might see lower fuel prices at our airports is anyone’s guess, however the clear trend towards the country becoming a net energy exporter is an amazing reversal of the situation faced a decade ago and a clear testament to the benefits of advanced oil field technology.

Low unemployment rates, as described in this recent LA Times article,  and brisk activity at general aviation airports in the leading shale oil fields are two of the most positive consequences.

Airports themselves stand to reap direct royalties when they are found to be located above shale fields, as is the case for the Pittsburgh International Airport.  As described in an article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, officials from Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County have just signed an agreement with Consol Energy that could be worth $500 million over the next 20 years.

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