CubCrafters receives night VFR certification for Top Cub

The FAA has issued Night VFR approval for CubCrafters’ CC18-180 Top Cub.

CubCrafters’ Top Cub already boasts a gross weight of 2,300 lbs., a useful load of 1,100 lbs., and short-field capabilities, so the addition of Night VFR expands the Top Cub’s capabilities, according to company officials.

Panel“Until now, the only significant omission from Top Cub’s enviable list of competencies was night flight,” said Jim Richmond, CubCrafters’ CEO. “Now that restriction is gone and new owners can enjoy extended operating hours.”

A number of changes were made to the Top Cub cabin for Night VFR certification, including new backlit placards, instrument illumination, fuel sight gauge lighting, and glare shields are provided.

PlacardIn addition, several interior surfaces are now finished in non-reflective black and modern LED taxi and landing lights have replaced incandescent fixtures.

Richmond also notes, “The FAA has raised the bar for Night VFR over the years. Our new certification meets the latest and most rigorous standards set by the FAA with regard to human factors making the Top Cub more convenient and safe for true night operations.”

All new Top Cubs will include the complete Night VFR Lighting Package as standard equipment.

“Night VFR Certification will benefit all new Top Cub owners,” Richmond said, “but particularly those pilots based in northern latitudes where daylight hours are reduced much of the year.”

FuelCubCrafters, founded in 1980 by current owner and CEO Jim Richmond, is located at McAllister Field Airport (YKM) in Yakima, Wash. CubCrafters’ roots are in the 60-year history of classic taildragger aviation, but its products and services are leading edge.

CubCrafters offers three new, ready-to-fly aircraft: The Sport Cub, the Carbon Cub SS, and the Top Cub.

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