Hartzell receives de-ice amendment to STC

Hartzell Propeller has completed an amendment to its FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its 3-blade Top Prop conversion kit. The amendment to the STC, which covers Cessna Skylane R182, FR182, TR182 and T182 (Lycoming O-540-J3C5D or O-540-L3C5D powered) models, covers factory-installed de-icing boots fully compatible with the existing de-ice system.

Mike Trudeau, Top Prop’s program manager, said, “Adding the de-icing element to the STC was something we wanted for this kit from the get-go. Many of these airplanes were originally equipped with prop de-ice as an added safety feature. We are very pleased to be able to offer it with the new (T)R182 Scimitar Top Prop kit.”

The 82-inch diameter “blended” airfoil, Scimitar blades have successfully proven themselves in engineering flight tests, he noted. Compared to standard propeller models, the kit improves climb performance by 8.5%, and cruise performance by 2-4 knots or even more at altitude. In line with the latest FAA and international standards, the prop’s noise emissions are at a globally-accepted level of 77.5 dB(a).

Available directly from Hartzell or through Hartzell’s Top Prop dealers, the 2013 list price for these kits, which include the new propeller, new polished, pointed aluminium spinner, de-icing boots, a compatible de-ice system and the STC, is $12,400. The new propeller carries the Hartzell Plus3 warranty, which delivers three years or 1,000 hours of coverage, and has a six-year/2,400-hour TBO.

For more information: HartzellProp.com

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