FreeFlight Systems partners with Aspen Avionics on ADS-B line

FreeFlight Systems is partnering with Aspen Avionics to develop a line of ADS-B solutions for Aspen. The collaboration is intended to give aircraft owners increased flexibility when choosing ADS-B and NextGen cockpit avionics, according to company officials.

“We are partnering with FreeFlight Systems for our ADS-B solutions because of its reputation for product value, performance and technical excellence,” said Aspen President and CEO John Uczekaj. “Together we are creating unique systems that will significantly increase the range of cockpit upgrade options for pilots as they equip for ADS-B and other NextGen services. ”

“Aspen is a proven and highly regarded provider of retrofit systems for general aviation with a similar philosophy of product development and support,” said Tim Taylor, CEO of FreeFlight Systems. “The natural pairing of our engineering and product capabilities is a win for the GA community as we create high-performance, cost-effective alternatives for ADS-B and NextGen equipage.”

Founded in 2001 and based in Texas, FreeFlight Systems pioneered the first certified aviation WAAS GPS receiver and the first rule-compliant UAT ADS-B system.


  1. Ed Watson says

    This ADS-B is a great step forward. Seems in this day and age see and be seen needs help and that help is now by satellite so as soon as all aircraft can be so equipped the better we will all be. There are always leaders and followers, and the leaders need to expect to pay a bit more, but they must realize that they are getting the benefit sooner and for longer flight hours in return for their higher investment. Keep up the good work. I flew with the old six pac all over the CONUS and felt I was on top of the hill with two VOR’s.

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