Citation CJ3 hits milestone

Cessna Aircraft Co. has rolled out the 400th production unit of the company’s CJ3 business jet from its production facility in Wichita.

The CJ3 is categorized as a light business jet and is in its ninth year of service. The event was marked with a rollout celebration and a photo opportunity for Cessna employees from the CJ3 assembly line.

Throughout its near decade of service, analysts have praised the single-pilot CJ3 for its fuel efficiency, low operating costs, and large payload capabilities, company officials said. The Citation CJ3 was awarded its second “Best of the Best” in the light business jet category by the Robb Report in June 2010.

The aircraft is powered by two Williams FJ44-3A engines and is certified for single pilot operations. The CJ3 can fly non-stop from New York to Miami, Los Angeles to Chicago, London to Moscow, or Beijing to Manila. Maximum range for the CJ3 is 1,875 nm, with a flight ceiling of 45,000 feet. Up to eight passengers can fly on the CJ3.

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