Tecnam to debut new low-wing LSA

Tecnam will reveal its “Astore” next generation Light-Sport Aircraft at AERO Friedrichshafen 2013 in Germany on April 24.

“Astore is an all-new, two-seat, low-wing airplane that offers superlative performance,” wrote company officials.

The Italian company celebrates its 65th year in 2013 and saw fit to name the new model accordingly. “What could be more fitting in this special anniversary year than for Professor Luigi Pascale, Tecnam’s legendary head of aircraft design, to name his new creation in honor of his first production aircraft, the P48 Astore.”

Tecnam has a tradition of naming models for the year the design was introduced.


Tecnam teases with this artsy black and white image of the Astore’s nose cowl. The new LSA will be unveiled at Aero 2013.

Tecnam said the new Astore “affords the pilot the smoothest and most pleasurable flight with innovations such as an Apple iPad mini supplied with each aircraft as standard.” They’ll use a Levil G mini WiFi connection to supply information for the smaller Apple tablet so it can act as the Astore’s Primary Flight Display. Compatible third party applications suited to the iPad mini will give the inexpensive tablet novel and ever-evolving capabilities. Tecnam reported that they will pre-install a dedicated app useful to compute the actual weight and balance and provide checklists specific to Astore. The iPad mini will also include all Pilot Operating Handbook sections.

Designers created “a new ergonomically designed interior allowing for enhanced all round visibility, controls and switches that can be easily reached, and the use of softer materials affording a more comfortable flight.”

To power the Astore, Tecnam will let customers choose the carbureted Rotax 912ULS, the newer fuel-injected 912iS, or a turbocharged Rotax 914 engine.

“We have built our reputation at Tecnam on producing airplanes that offer outstanding value, beauty, and efficiency,” said Paolo Pascale, Tecnam’s Managing Director.

Astore joins a fleet of LSA aircraft including the Echo in several variations, Eaglet, Bravo, P2008, and the also low wing Sierra. Although all have sold well in the USA, the all metal Sierra has more FAA registrations than any other single model, so it would appear Professor Luigi and Director Paolo Pascale are appealing to those who prefer this style of construction. LSA fans will get their first chance to see Astore and to get more information at AERO. The show runs Wednesday April 24 to Saturday April 27.

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  1. Ed Seaton says

    Let’s get the Cessna 150’s,152’s,172’s,etc,certified for LSA.That will put more planes and Pilots in the air than the Astore Tecnam.

    • says

      Ed; Great idea – in a perfect world – however, I’ll s-plane -WHY it’s highly unlikely.
      Note, ALL the birds you mentioned were or still produced by Cessna. Now, lets say our “freinds” at the FAA approved a weight increase (over the LSA of 1,320 lbs gross) that would permit the “older” Cessnas to compete with new LSA’s. Would this effect future sales of their Skycatcher which they have mucho $$ invested in? The sale of many $10-30K 150’s, 152’s, and 172’s would increase triple-fold! Rest assured, however, clandestine politics and Cessna’s self interest; “I told you LARGE unmarked bills”?, will keep it from ever happening!

  2. says

    Ben, I see you askeed “Mike” on what advice to give Dan Johnson on the LSA industry, however, I’ll offer my suggestions.
    1. A dealer network modeled after the CPC (Cessna Pilot Center) of the 60′ and 70’s
    2. A strict dealer criteria such as adequate capital, territory and demographics that meet or excced the manufactures business/franshise requirements
    3. Proven/demonstated small business/retali sales experience
    4. Motivated by Return On Investment/proftit oreinted FIRST – passion for flying second
    5. Staff who are sales/customer service oreinted – “tiles” for instructional staff become,
    for example, Ace Drummond – “Flight Account Manager – CFII
    6. Professional dressed and gromed staff – NO airline “shoulder board” etc look – collared casual dress shirt/khaki slacks, etc
    7. A “sales system” in place where ALL inquiries are handled and followed up on – from CSR to manager, to CFI who student (assuming a student) is assigned to.
    8. More formal (business, but hospitable) and less casual “cowboy” atmosphere
    The LSA flight School is the “breeding ground” for future LSA owners, single, fractional, or other wise.

    Keep in mind; the best customer (student) is the ONE who has been (training) previously sold! Simply – train here – BUY here!

    Might want to see more articles on this at get-aviation.com or aviationbiz.us

  3. says

    Dan doesn’t have a clue about what drives aviation, so what is this clown doing talking about another engineering development that will give a few people a “woodie” and never go anywhere.

    I have tried to explain to Mr. Johnson how to get the industry to move, yet no response and no results in the industry. Whats next…the tooth fairy doesn’t exist?

    • says

      Mike; Heard a rumor that Dan is busy doing a pre-production pilot report on the new “Flying Sandbox” – that said, company officials have indicated they plan an aggressive marketing effort by establishing a “dealer network” at 300+ day care centers nationally. OBJECTIVE: Introduce the “young” early to create brand loyality!

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