Barrett Precision Engines named first XP-400 engine builder

Barrett Precision Engines has been appointed the first authorized engine build facility for Superior Air Parts 215-horsepower, XP-400 Engine.

“The Barrett family has developed an enviable reputation within homebuilders, competitive aerobatic pilots and certified aircraft owners for taking good engines and turning them into truly great engines,” Glen Golden, Superior’s V.P. Sales and Marketing, said. “We couldn’t be more excited to have their engine building skills and expertise available to XP-400 Engine buyers.”

“Many of our customers are owners of Superior’s 180-horsepower XP-360 engine and while is provides great performance, a number of them have been looking for an engine that delivers the same Superior quality with more horsepower – and that’s what the 215-horsepower, XP-400 offers,” stated BPE’s Manager Rhonda Barrett-Bewley.

Barrett-Bewley said that BPE’s team recently completed its first XP-400 for a customer who is building a Glasair Sportsman 2+2.

“We just had it on our water brake dyno for the first time and it ran great,” she said. “We gave all the data from the dyno run to the owner and he’s very excited to have selected the XP-400.”

“He’s building his Sportsman with only two seats to have room for all his gear for when he goes off into the backcountry,” she said. “He’s going to get all the power he needs to go wherever he wants with this engine.”

The standard XP-400 Engine features a counter-weighted version of Superior’s ESR (Electro Slag Remelt) crankshaft and Superior’s Millennium Cylinders.


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