Van’s RV-14 lands in Florida

Van’s newest airplane, the RV-14, has landed in Florida for the first time.

“It has come to our attention that isolated pockets of civilization might exist in the far reaches of the American continent, way out east of Oshkosh,” Van’s officials said. “On the theory that some of those folks might be interested in our newest airplane, Van’s has sent two intrepid explorers, Joe Blank and Sterling Langrell, to investigate. Flying the RV-14, they plan to go where the airplane has never gone before — Florida.”

The RV-14 will be on display at this week’s SUN ’n FUN, along with an RV-12.

The RV-12 represents the “other big news” from the company, officials said.

“The first S-LSA RV-12s are being readied for delivery to customers, joining the 250 kit-built examples that are currently flying,” officials said. “An RV-10 will also be on display, and we expect literally hundreds of RVs of all types will visit the show.”

Also at the company’s SUN ’n FUN display will be the man who started it all: Dick (Van) VanGrunsven.

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