Belite introduces line of digital instruments

Belite Aircraft and Electronics has introduced a collection of digital aircraft instruments for LSA and ultralight aircraft at this week’s SUN ’n FUN.

The company’s digital altimeter is designed to show altitude on a large, easy-to-read digital LCD display. It also calculates and displays density altitude, based on current cabin temperature, as well as system voltage and an alarm that notifies the user when the airplane strays off VFR altitude.

Fuel and Time remainingFuel and Time remainingAlso new is a digital fuel gauge capable of showing the current amount of fuel of any fuel tank. It also calculates fuel flow of the active tank and displays the estimated time remaining before fuel exhaustion. It does not use a fuel flow sensor, Belite officials said, noting all information is based on calculation of current fuel level, trailing fuel consumption and mathematics. The unit is designed to connect to either single or dual fuel tanks and is compatible with any type of resistive fuel sender, as well as capacitive senders.

The company also has an electronic MFD that combines an Air Speed Indicator, VSI, and Angle of Attack instrument. It includes up to five other major functions: Turn Rate Indicator, Inclinometer, Vertical Speed, Angle Of Attack and Gear Status.

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