$2 million and counting…

Flight Design USA has taken in $2 million worth of orders for its CT-line of light sport aircraft, “just since Sebring,” President Tom Peghiny said at SUN ’n FUN.

Flight Design’s C4 boasts deposits for 80 aircraft worth $20 million.

“There are enough $400,000 new four-seat aircraft,” says Flight Design CEO Matthias Betsch. “That is why we are bringing one to the market at $250,000.”

“We expect first proof of concept flight in early 2014,” adds Director of International Business Development John Doman. “Our plan is for certification and deliveries 12 to 18 months later in 2015.”

Flight Design is very committed to the FAA’s efforts to streamline Part 23 aircraft certification, thus the aggressive time line, company officials noted.


  1. Neal F. Wright says

    I read the story about supporting a float for the WASP and was dismayed to find that your story included:

    They were awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor in -70

    1. There is no such thing as a Congressional Medal of Honor
    2. The WASP were recognized with a Congressional Gold Medal.
    3. The proper term for the Medal of Honor is Medal of Honor.

    No need to reply.
    Incredibly difficult to find a ‘contact’ in your web site.


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