Air Journey offers shorter journey options in Cessna Mustang

JUPITER, Fla. — Air Journey have unveiled a new travel option: The opportunity to fly a Cessna Citation Mustang for shorter sections of a longer itinerary.

This new option has two purposes, according to Thierry Pouille, founder of Air Journey. “One is to allow clients who might not be able to travel for extended periods of time the chance to enjoy our services,” says Pouille. “The other is to give clients a chance to fly this luxury business jet without the cost of ownership.”

Interested clients will be required to complete a one-week intensive training program, designed by Air Journey, in order to receive the FAA crew rating needed for flying the CE-510 Citation Mustang. This rating only adds to an experienced pilot’s repertoire and is valid for future flights, he noted.

After program completion, clients can select a journey leg in which to dry lease the aircraft.

The first journey where the Citation Mustang option will be available will be the company’s Journey to Africa, from Sept. 4 to Oct. 22. Clients will be able to choose between three leg options: flying from Quebec City, Canada, to Bodrum, Turkey (13 days), flying from Bodrum, Turkey, to Cape Town, South Africa (23 days), or flying from Cape Town, South Africa, to Goose Bay, Canada (22 days).

Participating clients will take a commercial flight to and from the departure and arrival cities, and will partner as pilots in command with an Air Journey director throughout their designated journey legs, being able to test the plane in international conditions.

“We are very excited about making this innovative option available, and believe it will provide even more flexibility to our clients,” Pouille states.

For more information: or 561-841-1551.

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