Museum offers B-17 ground school

SEATTLE — On May 18 and 19, The Museum of Flight will be offering a two-day course about the iconic, World War II Boeing B-17 bomber. The “ground school” will familiarize participants in the design, construction, operation and performance of the aircraft and includes a flight in the Experimental Aircraft Association’s B-17, “Aluminum Overcast” (pictured below).

AluminumOvercastSessions include briefings about the plane’s systems and how the aircraft is flown. The course features personal tours inside the museum’s B-17 Flying Fortress, Boeing Bee, led by the museum’s restoration team. The sessions will take place in a classroom setting and in the Museum’s B-17.

Registration is limited to 20, and the fee is $895 general/$795 museum members.

Course Details

Day 1

  • Sessions include:
  • Basic Design and Construction of the Museum’s B-17F.
  •  Small group orientation to the B-17F interior and exterior.
  •  B-17F Operational Systems Overview:
  •  Powerplants
  •  Lubrication System
  •  Turbo-Supercharger
  • Props
  • Fuel System
  • Hydraulic System
  • Electrical System

Day 2

  • Continuation of B-17 systems overview:
  • Environmental
  • Communication
  • Armament
  • B-17F aircraft systems review at the Museum’s aircraft – components, checks and orientation
  • Viewing of vintage “How to Fly the B-17″ films
  • Discussion panel/Q&A session with B-17 crew members and restoration team.

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  1. Bob Levittan says

    Ok men, we’re bombing Berlin tonight, so first press “direct to” on your 430, then turn the small knob at the lower right, which gives you a “K” then turn the large knob to the next position and then the smaller knob to change the letter, and repeat to dial in B-E-R….

    • Alan says

      First step in flight planing, check the airport ident. You might want to change that to E-D-D-B if you want to go to the Berlin in Germany. I don’t think that K-B-E-R will take you anywhere.

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