Aerostar introduces high technology winglets

Aerostar Aircraft Corp. has introduced its newly designed high technology winglets.

Aerostar Aircraft is the type certificate holder for the Aerostar and is now upgrading previously manufactured aircraft with this new technology. The winglets are compatible with all 601B, 601P, 602P and 700P Aerostars, including all Aerostars that have been upgraded with more powerful engines and higher gross weights.

LowerLeft1mbPRAerostar officials report the winglets are very efficient in reducing the wing tip vortex, and its associated drag. As a result, climb and cruise characteristics are enhanced. Initial customers are reporting stronger climb performance and a 3 to 5 knot increase in cruising speed.

The winglet-equipped Aerostar recently finished an FAA flight test and certification program, and satisfactorily completed all pertinent flight tests required for a newly certificated aircraft.

Jim Christy, Aerostar’s vice president, performed the company in house flight-testing before the FAA certification flights were conducted. He said, “ Stall characteristics on the winglet equipped Aerostars are extremely forgiving. Aileron control is never lost during the stall, making it a very docile, well-behaved airplane. Also noted during flight-testing, was increased safety margins with regard to stalling speed and minimum control speed.”

Aerostar Aircraft Corp. is located at the Coeur d’Alene Airport (COE) in Hayden Lake, Idaho. The company is the type certificate holder for all Aerostar model aircraft, and provides engineering services, spare parts support, and numerous safety and performance upgrades for previously manufactured aircraft. In addition, factory inspected previously owned Aerostars, and Factory Restored Aerostars are available for custom avionics and interior installations to meet customer needs. For more information: 800-442-4242 or


  1. Roy Keagy says


    I have a Aerostar 600A, can I install the winglets in it too………pls advise


    Roy Keagy

  2. Fritz Katz says

    Just as long as they keep that belatedly-designed door/prop interlock system working right….. or should I say, left?

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