Airshow announcer Rob Reider to deliver ‘Tips of the Week’

The reality show “The Aviators” is gearing up for its fourth season with a new twist. The original docuseries, which is viewed by 10 million aviation enthusiasts across the country, will feature airshow announcer Rob Reider, who is teed up to deliver the program’s “tip of the week” for the entire season.

Reider, who is well known in the aviation community for his on-camera instruction through Sporty’s Pilot Shop in addition to his role as an announcer, brings years of expertise and first-hand experience to his new role.

“Tip of the Week” was the brainchild of The Aviators’ executive producer and host, Anthony Nalli.

“We came up with the tips in season 3 from my own personal experience,” says Nalli. “If I learned even a simple lesson the hard way, I thought I’d take 30 seconds to share it will 10 million or so of my closest friends.”

A good example of this, says Nalli, is the tip on eating something light and non-greasy before getting behind the yoke. “800 hours later, I have the food tip to thank for my being able to carry on,” he observes. “I think it might help others, too, and that’s what the tips of the week are all about. “

While each tip is not targeted to a specific kind of pilot, show feedback confirms the information is reaching those who can use it best. In season 4 of “The Aviators” Sporty’s Pilot Shop will take a few notes from its years of instructional knowledge, and deliver them through the trusted voice of the instructional video legend.

“For those who don’t yet know Rob, they’ll figure out quickly why we love him so much!” says Nalli.

Last year, The Aviators claimed a viewership of close to 10 million per week in the United States alone, and the program’s estimated international viewership — which encompasses Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and more — was higher than 30 million viewers per week.

When The Aviators premiered on iTunes in 2011, it ranked as a top download during its launch week and since then both seasons 1 and 2 maintain positions in iTunes Top 50 Nonfiction TV Seasons alongside shows like  ‘The Daily Show,’ ‘Mythbusters,’ and ‘Top Gear.’  The show has also been presented with a Hugo Award for excellence as an educational/documentary series.

Season 4, which covers the troupe’s aviation adventures from the snow-blanketed plains of the northeast to the arid flatlands of the southwest, appears on PBS this September; viewers can check local listings for specific airdates. Season 3 of the series is available on high-definition Blu-ray, as well as on iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video.

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  1. larry maynard says

    I agree with Steve. This show is entertaining for aviation neophytes but does little or nothing to promote flying as a viable hobby or career. In fact, it’s boring to me after being actively involved in aviation for over 37 years.

  2. Steve says

    Well, a “Tip of the Week” by widely respected Rob Reider is definitely a step in the right direction for “The Aviators” show, but — at least for me — it’s just “too little, too late.” I long ago tuned out of this PBS show when Mr. Nalli led viewers to believe that his pressurized Cessna 210 is a sort of entry-level aircraft. Here we are, trying to promote a simpler, friendlier general aviation industry (such as LSA) and all “The Aviators” does is profile warbirds and expensive avionics. All I can say to Mr. Nalli is “get real,” as my flight students try to scrape up enough funds to buy another few hours of flying. In my humble opinion, this “show” does very little to attract new aviators.

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